"The bomb offers a prospect of the end, the destruction, of an evil - our disgusting soapy water science... And certainly that's not an unpleasant thought" 

From an essay by Ludwig Wittgenstein in the magazine, 'Culture and Value'

Admittedly, the nuclear bomb offers 'a prospect of the end'; however, the presumption that it is the end of an evil is a quite a step further. Perhaps Wittgenstein thinks that 'Out of the ruins' would merge a nobler world, but this is only true if the people left guiding things afterwards are better than those in charge at the moment. It is like riding horses: a simple touch and the horse knows what to do thus making it easier for rider and horse to gain prizes; or being a foolish rider who uses the ruins with no consistency and no wisdom like inexperienced hobbyists (who say "Trainer! I pull the ruins but it doesn't stop!").

If we believed that the holders of the bomb stand beside fairness and fight against evil, then we all would feel secure. Today we have the US fighting Iran for developing theirs.

The hysterical fear over the bomb is sourced by the lack of trust toward those who hold it. It is the ambition of having the ultimate power over those who do not have the means to deter this power.